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The Spring 2021 issue (Volume 8 Number 2) of the Journal of Arizona Archaeology is available on the AAC website for members and can be found here. Subscribers to the paper edition will receive their issues in the mail and can also access the electronic edition. 

Editorial Staff of the Journal of Arizona Archaeology


General Editor

Managing Editor


Douglas Mitchell

Jerryll Moreno



Editorial Panel


Jenny Adams

J. Simon Bruder

Christopher P. Garraty

Dennis Gilpin

Alanna Ossa

Matt Peeples

Mark Chenault

Laurene Montero

Mission Statement

The Journal of Arizona Archaeology is a peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the presentation of emerging ideas, new methods, and current research in Arizona archaeology. It endeavors to be a forum for the scholarly, yet simple communication of research and management related to Arizona's archaeological record. The journal is published twice a year by the Arizona Archaeological Council (AAC) in both electronic and paper formats. At least one issue per year is devoted to the theme of the AAC annual fall conference.  The remaining issues of the journal are intended for open submissions. Invited guest editors assist with the compilation of each issue.



The journal is one benefit of membership in the AAC. Individual membership rates in the AAC are $35 per year and include a subscription to the electronic issue of the Journal. Members may order hard copy (paper) version of the Journal for an additional $10 per year. To apply for AAC membership, or to learn more about the mission of the AAC, please visit the AAC website: Membership must be paid in full in order to receive regular copies of the Journal of Arizona Archaeology. For inquiries about the Journal or to report a lost/damaged issue please send an e-mail to  Members and non-members can purchase additional paper copies of the Journal for $15 per issue, which includes postage and handling. Non-members can purchase an electronic issue of the Journal for $5 per issue. Issues from previous years are now available for free below.

Instructions for Authors

The format of all submitted papers should correspond to the SAA style guide, revised July 2018. All manuscripts must be submitted as a MS Word document. All review (editorial and peer review) will be conducted electronically. Authors should be familiar with the "track changes" and "comments" functions of MS Word. Authors are encouraged to contact the editor with questions regarding the content or formatting of their manuscripts prior to submitting their papers. Authors should anticipate two to three months for review of their manuscripts. The editor will review each paper priorto peer review to determine if the manuscript meets content and formatting guidelines. If the paper meets these preliminary guidelines, the editor will send the manuscript out for peer review. The editor makes the final decision to accept a manuscript on the basis of his review as well as those of the peer referees. If a manuscript is accepted for publication, authors must submit images in at least 300 dpi. All permissions for photographs and figures are the responsibility of the author and must be obtained prior to publication.

Editorial Contact Information

Douglas R. Mitchell

Past Issues

In December 2018, the Board voted to make issues of the journal from previous years open to the public. Non-members can download electronic issues from previous years below. Membership is still required to access the current year's issues.

Volume 1 - Number 1 - Fall 2010

Advances in Hohokam Archaeology 

JAzArchV1N1_2010_Full Issue.pdf

Volume 1 - Number 2 - Spring 2011

Advances in Hohokam Archaeology (contd.)

JAzArchV1N2_2011_Full Issue.pdf

Volume 2 - Number 1 - Spring 2012

The Application of Archaeological Sciences in Arizona

JAzArchV2N1_2012_Full Issue.pdf

Volume 2 - Number 2 - Spring 2013

From Without and Within: Long-Distance Interaction, Culture Change, and Culture Contact in Arizona

JAzArchV2N2_2013_Full Issue.pdf

Volume 3 - Numbers 1 and 2 - Fall 2015

Archaeology of the Verde Valley, Central Arizona

 JAzArchV3N1-2_2015_Full Issue.pdf

Volume 4 - Number 1 Fall 2016

Celebrating 50 Years of the National Historic Preservation Act in Arizona

JAzArchV4N1_2016_Full Issue.pdf

Volume 4 - Number 2 Spring 2017

Projectile Point Analysis in the American Southwest

JAzArchV4N2_2017_Full Issue.pdf

Volume 5 - Number 1 Fall 2017

Momentum: Recent Research into the Archaeology of the Perry Mesa Region 

JAzArchV5N1_2017_Full Issue.pdf

Volume 5- Number 2 Spring 2018

JAzArch V5N2 Full Issue.pdf

Volume 6- Number 1 Fall 2018

JAzArch_V6N1 2018 Full Issue.pdf

Volume 6- Number 2 Spring 2019

Occupation of the Hinterlands

JAzArch V6N2 Full Issue.pdf

Volume 7- Number 1 Fall 2019

Recent research in Commodities Production and Exchange, and Settlement Studies


Volume 7- Number 2 Spring 2020


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