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Douglas B. Craig Memorial Research Grant

The Douglas B. Craig Memorial Research Grant is currently under review by the AAC and AAHS and will likely be updated in the near future. If you have any immediate questions, please reach out to

Arizona archaeologist Douglas ‘Doug’ B. Craig passed away on May 14, 2020 after extended illness complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Doug was a great influence in the field of Arizona archaeology and generously shared his knowledge and enthusiasm with students, professionals, and the public.

Doug served as staff archaeologist at Pima Community College's Centre for Archaeological Field Training in the early 1980s and project director for Desert Archaeology, Inc., on the Roosevelt Community Development Study until 1992. While working at Northland Research, Inc., where he spent the remainder of his career, Doug received a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Arizona. In the words of Suzy and Paul Fish, and Maren Hopkins, "Doug was a timeless person, full of energy, joy, and curiosity. His integrity, creativity, and intelligence will never be forgotten."

The Arizona Archaeological Council (AAC), in partnership with the Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society (AAHS) established an annual research grant to honor Doug’s legacy. The AAC-AAHS partnership reflects Doug’s longstanding ties to both the Phoenix and Tucson archaeological communities.

The Douglas B. Craig Memorial Research Grant aims to fund archaeological research in Arizona and presentations at local and national conferences. Because Doug was involved with both the academic and private sector cultural resource management (CRM) worlds, the grant is open to both students and professionals.

 The Grant

The Douglas B. Craig Memorial Research Grant may provide award up to $3,000. The Grant is funded in equal partnership between the AAC and the AAHS. Funds will be managed by the AAHS with award funds distributed by the AAHS Treasurer. The AAC establishes a Grant Review Committee annually consisting of a chair, one representative from the AAHS Board, and three members selected from the Arizona archaeological community who have experience conducting research, writing, and receiving or reviewing grants.

Proposals are reviewed by the Grant Review Committee and evaluated on a 10-point scale on the basis of:

  • Quality and Presentation (Up to 8 points)
  • Contribution to the Professional and Avocational Community (1 point)
  • Budget quality and financial need (1 point)
  • Applicants that self-identify as African American, Asian American, Native American, Hispanic, indigenous Pacific Islander, or multiracial in some combination of the aforementioned five ethnicities (0.5 point)

Grant applications are due April 14, with award notification by May 15.

    Proposal Instructions

    The research proposal text should not exceed 3 pages excluding tables, figures, and references (budget excluded). Text should be single spaced, 12-point with one-inch margins.

    Proposals should include:

    1. Name and institution (if applicable)
    2. Research objectives
    3. Theoretical and/or technical approaches for data collection and analysis
    4. Relevance of techniques to objectives
    5. Expected research gain and potential impacts
    6. Means of sharing information with the public and professional community (e.g., lectures, displays, papers, etc.)
    7. Indication that appropriate permits and (if needed) Human Subjects authorization have been obtained
    8. Repository where research, documentation, and articles (if appropriate) will be housed
    9. Itemized budget, detailing complete project expenses, with that portion to be covered by AAHS grant indicated

    Please submit applications to AAC President Matt Guebardat

    Reporting Requirements

    Grant recipients are required to report the results of their research or travel to the President of AAC within 90 days of completion. If the research extends beyond the calendar year of the award, the recipient must present a progress report as well as a final report on the completion of the project. The final report should be emailed to AAC President. In addition, recipients may consider contributing a presentation on the research at the annual AAC Fall Conference or submit a report for publication in the Journal of Arizona Archaeology.

    Grant Fund Use Examples

    Items such as computer time, specialized analysis, photographic supplies, or other supplies needed for a particular study. Funds cannot be used to purchase capital equipment.

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