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Mission Statement

The Arizona Archaeological Council was formed in 1977 with the purpose to:

  • Promote and coordinate communication and cooperation within the archaeological community.

  • Encourage the development and implementation of professional quality in research and reports.
  • Work for the preservation and conservation of the prehistoric and historic heritage of Arizona.
  • Uphold State and Federal laws, rules, and regulations that protect cultural resources.
  • Advocate and publicize these objectives in the state of Arizona.
  • Promote greater understanding between archaeological organizations and Native American communities.

Statement of the Depiction of Human Remains and Funerary Objects and Use of Respectful Terminology in AAC Conference Presentations

Out of an abundance of respect for the ancient inhabitants of Arizona and their descendants, the Arizona Archaeological Council (AAC) does not allow the inclusion of photographs depicting human remains, human burials, or funerary objects in AAC conference presentations.
Illustrations may be used as necessary to convey important visual information. Presenters also shall review the Arizona State Museum guidance on Respectful Terminology Recommended for Discussion of Human Remains prior to any presentation discussing human remains. If a presenter has questions or concerns about illustrations proposed for inclusion in their presentation, they should feel free to contact the AAC for additional guidance:

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