Archaeological Consulting Services - Crew Chief

10/01/2020 21:38 | AAC Admin (Administrator)

Archaeological Consulting Services, Ltd. (ACS), an environmental planning firm in Tempe, Arizona, is  seeking to hire a Crew Chief with Arizona experience for a staff position with benefits. To be considered  the candidate will: 

have a Master’s degree in Anthropology (Archaeology); 

have a valid driver’s license; 

have a minimum of two years’ experience leading construction monitoring, survey, and excavation  projects in the field and writing the reports; and 

meet the Secretary of the Interior’s guidelines for an archaeologist  

The ideal candidate will have experience supervising field crews, performing site file checks in Arizona, writing cultural resource reports, and with compliance requirements for local agencies. Significant  experience in Bioarchaeology would be an advantage in hiring.  

For additional information, interested parties should check the “Job Opportunities” section of the ACS  website ( The position is open until December 31, 2020, or until filled,  whichever is sooner. 

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