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EnviroSystems - Crew Chief and Field Technicians

11/24/2023 09:38 | AAC Board Admin (Administrator)

CREW CHIEF – Fulltime/Temporary (with Potential for Fulltime/Permanent) – $24 to $26/hour or $1 to $3 over SCA (i.e., McNamara-O’Hara Service Contract Act) rates for Federal work.

A master’s degree is also preferable for a Crew Chief-level position, but a minimum of a bachelor’s degree with appropriate experience may be acceptable. The successful candidate either will be currently permitted or meet the qualifications to be immediately permitted as a Crew Chief with a variety of public land managing agencies at the Federal and state level. Crew Chiefs must have the ability to supervise crews under the direction and guidance of the Project Director. Crew Chiefs must be able to work in remote locations through rugged terrain involving camping for a week or more at a time. Again, a clean driving record and the ability to work out-of-town for multiple sequential field sessions are also essential.

The successful candidate will provide demonstrable expertise supervising a crew and ensuring that all paperwork and documentation are clear, consistent, and organized before submitting to the Project Director. The Crew Chief has the potential to be offered a Full Time/Permanent position and potential to advance to the level of Project Director.

FIELD TECHNICIAN – Fulltime/Temporary - $22 to $24/hour on non-Federal Projects. SCA rates for Federal work range from $21.90 to $25.50/hour depending on the state and county. Prospective Field Technician candidates for the 2024 field season can expect Fulltime/Temporary work from March through November, but it is possible the field season may begin early and continue through the end of 2024. Prospective candidates should have a bachelor’s degree in Archaeology/Anthropology/History or similar field. At least one year of experience is preferred, though not required. The candidate will be expected to be able to survey in remote locations, over rough terrain, for camping sessions that are typically 8 days long, and occasionally longer. The 8 days sessions include the travel days on either end, and EnviroSystems provides transportation to the project location. Sessions that exceed 8 days are rare, but EnviroSystems does pay overtime in those circumstances. Some projects may require archaeological monitoring, testing, or data recovery, but the majority of work is expected to be large block surveys in remote areas. All remote or out of town work pays per diem. Per diem varies by project but exceeds base GSA rates.

If interested in any of the above positions, please submit a cover letter and detailed curriculum vitae with references to: and

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