Archaeology of the Pueblo Grande Platform Mound and Surrounding Features - Volume 5: Special Studies

04/25/2020 12:31 | AAC Admin (Administrator)

After almost 30 years, the book Archaeology of the Pueblo Grande Platform Mound and Surrounding Features - Volume 5: Special Studies has been published!

The fifth volume in the Pueblo Grande Archival Project Series (Archival Series) focuses on artifacts that were collected during excavations on and around the Pueblo Grande platform mound from the 1930s through the 1980s.  The goal of this special studies volume was to collect and summarize artifact data from all the previous investigations. This large undertaking balances the unevenness of the data with its unique provenience, that is, from features on a platform mound and immediately adjacent to it, from one of the most significant Hohokam centers in that tradition’s realm. The Hohokam were an archaeological tradition who used stone, clay, animal bones and hides, natural vegetation, and agricultural crops in their daily activities for shelter and subsistence. They were also a religious society that likely included priests, healers, and shamans. Village leaders, heads of clans, and other people of importance also lived at Pueblo Grande. The roles of different villagers were almost certainly reflected in their material culture. Despite the problems with sampling, the studies presented in this volume enhance our current understanding of the people who lived at Pueblo Grande.

A team of professional archaeologists volunteered their time to research and write about these collections.

For information about how to obtain a copy of this important volume, please contact City Archaeologist Laurene Montero (

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