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      Old Pueblo Archaeology Center is recognized as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization under the U.S. tax code, so donations and membership fees are tax-deductible up to amounts specified by law. Please visit http://www.oldpueblo.org/forms/donorfrm.php to make a contribution – Your donations help us continue to provide hands-on education programs in archaeology, history, and cultures for children and adults!

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      This month we thank the following folks (in somewhat alphabetical order) who have joined or rejoined Old Pueblo Archaeology Center as members or who have made donations to support our general education programs since our last email broadcast on August 31st:  Jeffrey Allen & Barbara Bergman, Connie Allen-Bacon, Roger Ames, Michael Bencic, Allan Brockway, Kathleen Burnett, Madelyn and Alex Cook, Allen Dart, Carolyn O’Bagy Davis, Jane Delaney, Sue Durling, Jeffrey & Catherine Eighmy, Bill Enríquez, Benjamin Everitt, Butch Farabee, Barbara Harper, Steve Foley & Judith Henderson,  Armando Lazarte, Eddie Leon, Melissa Loeschen, Laura Mackin, Marianna & Steve Marenfeld, Douglas Meriwether, Sharon Miller, Janet Prinz, Daniel Pyevich, Tom & Irma Robinson, Deni Seymour, Carol Swinney, Peggie Jo Vincent, AJ Vonarx, Robin Wakeland, Mary Wood, Robert Wood, and our anonymous "Third Thursday Food for Thought" donors!

      Thank you all so much!





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      Old Pueblo Archaeology Center’s brand-new 100% cotton T-shirt features a photograph of a splendid array of ancient petroglyphs at the Picture Rocks archaeological site near Tucson. The glyphs shown on the featured rock art panel appear to represent humans interacting with whimsical animals, a possible bow-and-arrow, and other rock symbols made by Hohokam Indians between A.D. 650 and 1450. Printed on a sky-blue shirt, the design hints at what this magnificent panel looks like against the background of a clear blue southern Arizona sky. Your purchase of this beautiful shirt will benefit Tucson’s Old Pueblo Archaeology Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, allowing Old Pueblo to provide more archaeology and culture education programs for children and adults.

      Available in medium, large, and extra large sizes. $25 per shirt (add $8 for shipping anywhere in the U.S.). Supply is limited! The shirts will be available at Old Pueblo’s “Third Thursday Food for Thought” dinner programs and its guided tours to the Picture Rocks petroglyphs site; or can be purchased at Old Pueblo Archaeology Center (by appointment only: 2201 W. 44th Street in Tucson), or we can ship them for an added shipping charge. To purchase your shirts you can mail a check payable to Old Pueblo Archaeology Center, PO Box 40577, Tucson AZ 85717; or call 520-798-1201 to provide your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card payment authorization; or make your purchase using the PayPal “Donate” button on Old Pueblo’s www.oldpueblo.org home page (and be sure to specify in the online form what your payment is for). Once payment is received, Old Pueblo will make arrangements to deliver your shirts to you.

LOOKING AHEAD: Monday December 2, 2019
      December 2nd is the deadline to purchase tickets for “The Jim Click Millions for Tucson Raffle
of a 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit, Two First-Class Round-Trip Airline Tickets to Anywhere in the World, and $5,000 Cash” sponsored by Tucson’s Jim Click Automotive Team to benefit Old Pueblo Archaeology Center & other Tucson charities.

      See full announcement for this event below.




Tuesday October 1, 2019: Clarkdale, AZ

    “Ancient Southwestern Native American Pottery” free presentation by archaeologist Allen Dart for Clarkdale Historical Society at Yavapai College Verde Campus “M” building’s room M-137, 601 Black Hills Dr., Clarkdale, Arizona; cosponsored by Arizona Humanities*

      2-4 p.m. Free

      In this presentation Mr. Dart shows and discusses Native American ceramic styles that characterized specific peoples and eras in the U.S. Southwest prior to about 1450, and talks about how archaeologists use pottery for dating archaeological sites and interpreting ancient lifeways. He discusses the importance of context in archaeology, how the things people make change in style over time, and how different styles are useful for identifying different cultures and for dating archaeological sites. His many illustrations include examples of ancient pottery types made throughout the American Southwest from about 2000 to 500 years ago. This program is made possible by Arizona Humanities.

      * This is not an Old Pueblo Archaeology Center event. For more information contact Isabel Erickson at 970-203-4340

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