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HB 2498 is going before the Senate today. Contact your senators!

04/04/2018 07:54 | AAC Admin (Administrator)

The Arizona Archaeological Council would like to thank Dan Garcia for providing an update on House Bill 2498. Dan has provided contact information for Arizona State Senators that you can contact today!

HB2498 ALERT: the bill is going before the AZ Senate Committee of the Whole (COW) and constitutionally mandated third read TOMORROW 4/4/18. If it passes, it will be reverted back to the house for a reconciliation vote and then off the Governor Ducey for signature.

Please contact Arizona Senators and ask that they vote NO on HB2498. Emails are good, but offices generally open at 8 or 8:30 so a flood of phone calls to Arizona Republican Senators can stop HB 2498. Here's a list of them and their contact info. Note That the capital letters are there email address followed by

Sylvia Allen R Email: SALLEN (602) 926-5409

Nancy Barto Email: NBARTO (602) 926-5766

Sonny Borrelli Email: SBORRELLI (602) 926-5051

Kate Brophy McGee Email: KBROPHYMCGEE (602) 926-4486

Judy Burges Email: JBURGES (602) 926-5861

Karen Fann Email: KFANN (602) 926-5874

David C. Farnsworth Email: DFARNSWORTH (602) 926-3020

Rick Gray Email: RGRAY (602) 926-5413

Gail Griffin -- Majority Whip Email: GGRIFFIN (602) 926-5895

John Kavanagh -- President Pro Tempore Email: JKAVANAGH (602) 926-5170

Sine Kerr Email: SKERR (602) 926-5955

Warren Petersen Email: WPETERSEN (602) 926-4136

Frank Pratt Email: FPRATT (602) 926-5761

Steve Smith Email: STSMITH (602) 926-5685

Bob Worsley Email: BWORSLEY (602) 926-5760

Steve Yarbrough -- President Email: SYARBROUGH (602) 926-5863

Kimberly Yee -- Majority Leader Email: KYEE (602) 926-3024

Calls before 10 am could help.

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