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SHPO Announcements: Archaeology Expo and Heritage Awareness Month

09/29/2017 15:28 | AAC Admin (Administrator)

Arizona Archaeology Expo

2018 Archaeology Expo Planning Meeting – October 17, 2017 at 10 am at the Forestry Conference Room in the ADEQ building (behind SHPO). We will continue to work on planning activities for the Archaeology Expo. The 2018 Archaeology Expo will be hosted by the Arizona Museum of Natural History on March 10, 2018 from 10 am to 4 pm. We have teleconference options for this meeting, for those who cannot attend in person. For more information about the meeting, please email Kris Powell at or 602-542-7141.

We have just begun our planning efforts – so we still have many opportunities for those who are interested to participate in the Archaeology Expo. At this year’s Expo, we will be experimenting with a few different ideas. For our presentations/lectures series, we are looking to shorten the presentation time to 15 minutes, allowing for more presentations. These shorten lectures present opportunities for brief summaries of ongoing research or excavation projects. If anyone has some interesting research that they would be willing to discuss in a brief format for the Expo – please let me know. Lectures will be presented in the Conference room at the Museum. In addition, we are also looking for individuals with skills in ancient technology that are willing to demonstrate their talents. Please contact Kris Powell or 602-542-7141 if you would like to volunteer.

Arizona Archaeology and Heritage Awareness Month

Each March, we celebrate the rich cultural and heritage resources that are in Arizona. As part of that celebration, the Arizona State Historic Preservation Office compiles a listing of events that federal and state agencies, non-profit organizations, and Tribes host for the month. This information is compiled and organized according to location and date. Due to funding constraints, this year’s brochure will be electronic and available via our website. If you are interested in being listed on the website – please fill out the Listing of Events Form (available for download on our website – and submit to Kris Powell by no later than 11/15/17. If you are having trouble downloading this form, please feel free to contact me (see info above) and I will provide you with a copy. This is a wonderful resource for the public to learn about archaeology and history in Arizona. We appreciate everyone’s contribution in providing educational opportunities for the public.

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