06/18/2015 12:43 | AAC Admin (Administrator)

I am pleased to announce that Dr. Glen Rice has graciously agreed to become the new Editor of the Journal of Arizona Archaeology. Dr. Rice brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the task.  His first priority is the completion of the proceedings of the 2012 Verde Valley Conference, which will Volume 3, Parts 1 and 2 bound together in a single issue. The issue is on track to be distributed by the end of 2015. Assisting Glen will be an expanded editorial panel including Alanna Ossa, Billy Graves, Chris Garraty, Chris Loendorf, Doug Mitchell, Joshua Watts, Su Benaron, and Todd Bostwick. The editorial board members will each serve a two-year term, and will assist Glen in the solicitation and review of articles submitted to the journal. Direct inquiries to Glen regarding the Journal can be submitted via e-mail to

Eric Klucas


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