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  • 04/30/2018 17:34 | AAC Admin (Administrator)

    The website for the 2018 Pecos Conference of Southwestern Archaeology is now live at It includes information about the conference location, amenities, and the presentation submission form. If you are not planning on camping with us, please visit the Notes and Accommodations sections soon to plan your hotel stay. Early Registration and Vendor Registration will open about May 1, so please make sure to periodically check the website for new information. The conference will be held at the Flagstaff Hotshot Camp on the Coconino National Forest, August 9-12. Individuals and organizations interested in assisting in the organization as partners, sponsors, or vendors may contact Kimberly Spurr at

  • 04/30/2018 17:22 | AAC Admin (Administrator)

    The Gila River Indian Community is hiring an archaeologist. The job description is attached. You can apply online at the following link: Application

    GRIC Archaeologist Job Posting.pdf

  • 04/22/2018 12:57 | AAC Admin (Administrator)

    You are invited to join the Arizona Archaeological Council’s Google Group. As a member of the group, you will receive emails regarding recent news, events, and job announcements.

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    Danny Rucker, RPA

    Information Officer/Newsletter Editor

    Arizona Archaeological Council

  • 04/15/2018 15:09 | AAC Admin (Administrator)

    The Scottsdale Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) is in need of an archaeologist to serve as a member of the HPC, per Scottsdale City Code. In February 2018 Mark Hackbarth, the archaeologist that was serving on the HPC, completed his second term and cannot be reappointed to HPC.

    Any AAC member that lives in Scottsdale and is interested in serving on the HPC can submit an application as soon as possible because on May 1, 2018 Scottsdale City Council will be reviewing applications to determine nominations, and on May 22, 2018 Scottsdale City Council will interview nominees to determine appointments.

    Information about the Scottsdale Historic Preservation Program and the protection of Archaeological Resources can be found at the following web link:

    The application form can be found at the following web link:

    In addition, a PDF copy is provided.


    Steve Venker will be happy to answer any questions.

    Steve Venker

    Historic Preservation Officer/City Archaeologist

    City of Scottsdale

    Direct line: 480-312-2831

  • 04/10/2018 18:23 | AAC Admin (Administrator)

    For nomination forms and additional information visit:
    2018 Awards in Historic Preservation

    Awards Ceremony
    Thursday, June 7th, 2018
    Hotel Valley Ho, Scottsdale, Arizona

    The Preservation Awards Ceremony is the signature event of the 16th Annual Arizona Historic Preservation Conference. In 2007 the Governor’s Awards in Public Archaeology were combined with the annual presentation of the Governor’s Heritage Preservation Honor Awards to become the primary forum for recognition of excellence in historic and cultural preservation efforts in Arizona.
    Governor’s Archaeology Advisory Commission Awards in Public Archaeology
    The Governor’s Archaeology Advisory Commission (GAAC) is presenting its 31st Annual Awards in Public Archaeology. The Awards are presented to individuals and/or programs that have significantly contributed to the protection and preservation of, and education about, Arizona’s non-renewable archaeological resources.
    Governor’s Heritage Preservation Honor Awards

    Since 1982, the Arizona Preservation Foundation and Arizona State Historic Preservation Office/Arizona State Parks have collaborated to present the Governor’s Heritage Preservation Honor Awards. These awards recognize people, organizations, and projects that represent outstanding achievements in preserving Arizona’s prehistoric and historic resources.
    The mission of the Governor’s Heritage Preservation Honor Awards is to:
        * Promote public awareness of historic preservation in the state of Arizona;
        * Publicly recognize the varied contributions by volunteers, professionals, organizations, and agencies to promote the goals of historic preservation;
        * Identify and recognize educational, community, non-profit, and private-sector heritage projects that demonstrate excellence in design and execution.
    The James W. Garrison Honor  Award Winner is selected from the 2018 Honor awardees, and will be announced at the close of the ceremony.

  • 04/09/2018 19:23 | AAC Admin (Administrator)

    Download the AAC's press release on HB 2498.


  • 04/08/2018 10:46 | AAC Admin (Administrator)

    Dear AAC members,

    House Bill 2498 will be going before the full Arizona Senate for a vote on Monday, April 9, 2018.  I therefore encourage you to keep contacting our legislators.  We have created a template for you to use if you would like.  The e-mail addresses at the top represent all of the Arizona Senators and Representatives and can be cut and pasted into an e-mail.  You can then add your name to the attached template.  You can also modify of the text in any way you see fit.

    Thank you for your continued efforts.


    Dave Hart

    AAC President


  • 04/04/2018 07:54 | AAC Admin (Administrator)

    The Arizona Archaeological Council would like to thank Dan Garcia for providing an update on House Bill 2498. Dan has provided contact information for Arizona State Senators that you can contact today!

    HB2498 ALERT: the bill is going before the AZ Senate Committee of the Whole (COW) and constitutionally mandated third read TOMORROW 4/4/18. If it passes, it will be reverted back to the house for a reconciliation vote and then off the Governor Ducey for signature.

    Please contact Arizona Senators and ask that they vote NO on HB2498. Emails are good, but offices generally open at 8 or 8:30 so a flood of phone calls to Arizona Republican Senators can stop HB 2498. Here's a list of them and their contact info. Note That the capital letters are there email address followed by

    Sylvia Allen R Email: SALLEN (602) 926-5409

    Nancy Barto Email: NBARTO (602) 926-5766

    Sonny Borrelli Email: SBORRELLI (602) 926-5051

    Kate Brophy McGee Email: KBROPHYMCGEE (602) 926-4486

    Judy Burges Email: JBURGES (602) 926-5861

    Karen Fann Email: KFANN (602) 926-5874

    David C. Farnsworth Email: DFARNSWORTH (602) 926-3020

    Rick Gray Email: RGRAY (602) 926-5413

    Gail Griffin -- Majority Whip Email: GGRIFFIN (602) 926-5895

    John Kavanagh -- President Pro Tempore Email: JKAVANAGH (602) 926-5170

    Sine Kerr Email: SKERR (602) 926-5955

    Warren Petersen Email: WPETERSEN (602) 926-4136

    Frank Pratt Email: FPRATT (602) 926-5761

    Steve Smith Email: STSMITH (602) 926-5685

    Bob Worsley Email: BWORSLEY (602) 926-5760

    Steve Yarbrough -- President Email: SYARBROUGH (602) 926-5863

    Kimberly Yee -- Majority Leader Email: KYEE (602) 926-3024

    Calls before 10 am could help.

  • 03/21/2018 19:41 | AAC Admin (Administrator)

    House Bill 2498 has passed the committees and is nearing passage in the AZ Senate. It is going to head to the floor for the full vote, probably within the next day or two.  It sounds like most democrats are opposed to the bill, but if we can convince a few republican senators to vote against it, it may just die on the Senate floor.  I have attached a list of the senators that we are targeting.

    Please encourage your staffcolleagues, and any friends to contact these senators.  Talking points include:

    1) This bill will not fix the perceived problem with the compliance problem, and ultimately will not help Arizona's ranchers.

    2) Representative Cook has no understanding of cultural resources compliance or law, and is misguided in blaming SHPO.

    3) Represenative Cook has ignored advice from cultural resources professionals. 

    4) SHPO already has procedures in place, or soon to be in place, to streamline the compliance process.  The programs are relatively new and have not yet been fully realized.

    5) The use of para-archaeologists will lead to the unintentional destruction of Arizona's heritage due to their inexperience.


    Dave Hart


  • 03/20/2018 17:37 | AAC Admin (Administrator)

    Archaeological Consulting Services is hiring for multiple positions including a Principal Investigator and a Senior Project Manager. The job announcements are attached here. 



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