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Dr. David Abbott recieves Lifetime Achievment Award from GAAC!

06/14/2016 15:33 | AAC Admin (Administrator)

Courtesy of Doug Mitchell:

"Dr. Abbott has had a profound effect on the archaeology of Arizona through his research, affiliation with museums and societies, and mentoring of students.  Currently an associate professor at Arizona State University, he has served on a variety of professional committees both in Arizona and nationally.  In addition to his role as a teaching and research professor, Dr. Abbott has provided public service through his board membership and associations with the non-profit Old Pueblo Archaeology, Arizona Archaeology Council, Arizona Archaeological Society, Tempe Historical Society, Arizona Museum of Natural History, Deer Valley Rock Art Center, Pueblo Grande Museum, and Arizona State Museum. 

 Since completing his doctoral studies in 1994, Dr. Abbott has designed and conducted a long-term research program focused on the ancient pottery of central and southern Arizona.  Abbott joined the ASU faculty in August 2004 following 10 years as an independent consultant and a research associate at the Arizona State Museum.

His work is dedicated to modeling the exchange and social networks that composed the prehistoric Hohokam regional system, investigating the impact of large-scale irrigation on sociocultural evolution and developing the unique contribution that ceramic research can make to the study of prehistoric communities. This work has engaged multidisciplinary teams of graduate student assistants, private-sector archaeologists, geologists and chemists.

Abbott’s unique blend of academic achievement and public service have allowed professionals and the public alike to better understand the importance of our prehistoric past in Arizona and the southwest."

Congratulations Dr. Abbott!

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