Arizona Archaeological Council

The Arizona Archaeological Council is managed by a board of directors. Composed of ten people, the offices are the President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, Newsletter Editor, and four (4) Directors-at-Large.

Elections are held for open offices in the fall. The offices of President Elect, President, and Immediate Past President are held for one year. All other offices are held for two years, with two Directors-at-Large elected each year to facilitate continuity.

Board-of-Directors (2020)


Chris Rayle, M.A., RPA

Project Manager/Principal Investigator

North Wind Resource Consulting

Term of Service: 2020

Immediate Past President

Steve Swanson, PhD, RPA


Environmental Planning Group

Term of Service: 2019


Daniel Garcia, M.A., RPA

Senior Cultural Resource Management Specialist

Salt River Project

Term of service: 2020


Ryan Arp, M.A.


Environmental Planning Group

Term of service: 2020-2021

Information Officer

Caitlin Stewart, M.A., RPA

Field Director

North Wind Resource Consulting

Term of Service: 2019-2020


Kris Powell, M.A., RPA

Cultural Resource Program Manager

Arizona Department of Transportation

Term of Service: 2019-2020

Board Members-at-Large

Caroline Klebacha, M.A.

Project Director

Paleowest Archaeology

Term of service: 2019-2020

Andrew Vorsanger, M.A.

Project Manager

North Wind Resource Consulting

Term of service: 2019-2020

Will Russell, PhD, RPA

Senior Associate Archaeologist

Logan Simpson

Term of service: 2020-2021

Jay Franklin, PhD, RPA

Director of Cultural Resources

EcoPlan Associates

Term of service: 2020-2021

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